Monthly Archives: June 2013

Fun With Glitter

As I was playing nice and trying to figure out what base colour & glitter combo to use for my 31 day challenge nails on saturday, I stumbled upon two polishes that I’ve never really used. OPI’s Thanks A Windmillion is a new purchase from the joy that is Fragrance […]

Swatched – W7 Golden Suede

There’s been a lot of textured effect polishes out lately and I have to admit I’m not so fond of the trend. I wear tights to work and I manage to slaughter enough of them with smooth nails, never mind textured ones! I found the W7 suedes to be less […]

Stormy Skies & Raindrops

I loved the MUA Stormy Skies polish so much I decided to use it in a mani with my new rhinestones I snagged myself from eBay. Stormy skies aren’t something we’ve seen a  lot of lately, thanks to an odd occurrence of actually warm weather turning up when its actually […]

Swatched – MUA Stormy Skies 1

Its such a shame that the MUA polishes only come in teeny little bottles, because I’d really love a full sized bottle of this. Stormy Skies is a black/dark charcoal gray polish with a slight golden shimmer, kinda like a black counterpart to last week’s Dutch you just love OPI… […]