Monthly Archives: January 2013

Spring? 1

I’m being totally optimistic with the usage of the word spring. The snow has only just thawed and its still windy and freezing outside, but I felt the need for something a little less snowy on my nails. Generally any mention of ‘spring’ involves pastels, which I’ve never really been […]


It snowed, this week. For England, it snowed lots. At the worst point our street was about half a foot deep in snow, which I’m sure doesn’t sound like much to inhabitants of Northern Europe or the northern end of North America, we’re far more used to just being wet. […]

Polish Remover

Nail polish remover can be quite a tricky thing. There’s four or five different varieties of each brand – acetone-free, moisturising, etc and to be honest some of them are just no good. For years I’ve used Cutex, either the strengthening or the ultra cleansing type and since I’ve started […]

Spotty! 1

I love spotty things. I also love stripy things, but I’ve got fairly shaky hands and no long striping brush so I figured it was best to stick to what I could do pending the procurement of a nice set of long striping brushes. I got a triple pack of […]